Wilhelm II's garage has been converted into an exhibition pavilion and expanded with a glass extension. Here you can now visit exhibitions about the Netherlands and the First World War

Caught between two infernos

'Caught between two infernos' is a permanent exhibition. This exhibition in the pavilion tells the story of the neutral Netherlands finding herself caught in between warring nations during the first world war. Although not directly engaged in the conflict, neutrality for the Netherlands did not mean the country was unaffected by the war. We highlight these themes in five different facets:

1. 4 years of high alert.
2. Public opinion in the Netherlands.
3. Food shortage and war profiteers.
4. Influx of civilian refugees and internment of soldiers from beligerant nations.
5. The threat of Red communism to the old order of the royal household of Orange.

Garage for the Emperor's fleet

The garage was built in 1928 on the edge of the vegetable garden to accommodate Wilhelm II's growing fleet. A year earlier, the emperor bought a new Mercedes. On the occasion of his 70th birthday (January 27, 1929), family and friends gave him the bell tower next to the garage as a gift. The pigsty of Huis Doorn originally stood on the site of the glass extension of the pavilion.