Family picture: Wilhelm II, his wife Auguste Victoria and the children

Emperor Wilhelm II (in the middle) on the left crown prince Wilhelm and on the right the son off the crown prince.

Children Wilhelm II

Together with his first wife Auguste Viktoria, Wilhelm II had seven children. 

Crown Prince Wilhelm

The eldest son commanded an army corps in the First World War. This army played a major role in the failed attacks on Verdun. Among his officers, Wilhelm had a bad reputation because of his dissolute life. He sought asylum in the Netherlands in 1918 and was interned on Wieringen which was an island at that time. After several years, unlike his father, he was allowed to return to his homeland. He openly backed the Nazis, hoping they would restore the monarchy. When it became clear that this would not happen, he turned away from the Nazis. 

Prince Eitel Friedrich

Prince Eitel Friedrich was active in the veterans' union Stahlhelm after the war and in the Semper talis Bund (a veterans' union of former imperial guardsmen). He joined a variety of monarchist movements that emerged during the Weimar Republic. During the Nazi reign, he was a fierce opponent of Hitler. 

Prince Adalbert

Prince Adalbert commanded various units of the German fleet during World War I. As a naval man, it struck him bitterly that it had to be a mutiny in the port of Kiel (on 4 November 1918) that marked the end of the German monarchy. 

Prince August Wilhelm

Prince August Wilhelm was active in the veterans' union Stahlhelm after the war. To the dismay of his family, he joined the Nazi party (NSDAP) in 1930. The Nazis used August Wilhelm to gain votes. He joined the Reichstag and became a group leader in the Sturm Abteilung (SA). In 1942, however, he fell into disgrace after some critical remarks about Joseph Goebbels. 

Prince Oskar

Prince Oskar served in World War I in the Royal Prussian Grenadier Regiment. After the war, he became a member of the veterans' union Stahlhelm. He also joined a variety of monarchist movements. Despite his opposition to the Nazis, he was called up to serve in World War II but did not actively participate in the war. 

Prince Joachim

Prince Joachim was in the army, eventually gaining the rank of troop captain in the cavalry. He committed suicide on 18 July 1920 at the age of 29, after having suffered from severe depression for some time. It was said that he could not accept his father's abdication and his failed marriage. 

Princess Victoria Louise

Princess Victoria Louise was Wilhelm II's only daughter. She married the Duke of Brunswick. The latter was deposed during the November revolution of 1918, after which the Brunswick monarchy came to an end. 

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