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Woodman's shed

Woodman's shed


To improve his stamina Wilhelm II starts to fell trees and chop wood during the First World War and this becomes one of his great passions. In 1920 Wilhelm II has a woodmans shed built in the park of Huis Doorn and during the winter months he spends a couple of hours in the shed each morning accompanied by staff and guests. The chopped wood is distributed among the poor families of Doorn on public holidays such as Christmas.

Wilhelm II meticulously records how many trees he cuts down and when a milestone is reached, slices of the tree are dated and signed by the Kaiser. These slices are given as a present to family and friends. Wilhelm II not only cuts down trees though. During his residence in Huis Doorn (1920 to 1941) he plants many trees and for example creates a Pinetum that contains a collection of 400 conifers.